Flour Fortification Initiative Redesign (2012--2013)

Screenshot from Flour Fortification Initiative Redesign

Client: Flour Fortification Initiative

Full-scale web redesign for the Flour Fortification Initiative, a public health nonprofit organization who advocates for countries across the world to add essential vitamins and minerals to flour and grains. The redesign effort provided a new design, architecture, and integrating RedCap statistical data with interactive geographic data mapping. (Note: site partially redesigned in 2014 by client: parent organization was rebranded as Food Fortification Initiative.)

Visual design, UI design, web development (HTML5, CSS, JQuery, PHP, Oracle SQL queries); Content Management System integration (Cascade Server, XML, XSLT). Collaborators: Rachelle Willoughby (project management, requirements, custom map scripting), David Mann (PHP data conversion for maps), Lisa Cogdill (RedCap data translation). Mapping technologies provided by MapLarge.

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